Black and White


There are certain situations, spaces and moments, that are best captured in black white. Some photos seem to require light, texture and contrast, and for some reason colour is then a distraction, rendering black and white as the ideal means of expression.

Boda en Mallorca. Bebé dormido. Padres abrazando. Caricia.

Boda en Mallorca. Dama de honor entrando en iglesia.

Of course, if you´re getting married in Mallorca, it would be a shame to completely renounce the warm Mediterranean tones. But even so, there are many moments in which black and white accomplishes great expressiveness. For example, if you choose to marry at a church, it is likely that the result in black and white will please you even more than in colour. Check out these pictures for example and tell me what you think.

Boda en Mallorca. Damas de honor arreglando el velo a la novia.

Be it as it may, the look of your photos will not be confined to a temporary trend. Our job is to capture your memories in the best possible way. This way, when your children or grandchildren look at your wedding photos, many years from now, they feel the same thrill you experienced on that special day.

Boda en Mallorca. Invitados con teléfonos móviles.

If by any chance you would like your whole wedding shot in black and white, please let me know. We´ll discuss to which degree it is or not convenient, depending on your wedding style, date and location, and we´ll consider it when budgeting your wedding photo report. Let´s move forward!

Boda en Mallorca. Pareja abrazada en finca por la noche.