Every wedding is unique. Like you two.

I will always adapt to the circumstances so as to capture your moments in the most natural way.

Novia vestida de blanco a punto de entrar en iglesia durante boda en Mallorca. Damas de honor ayudan y observan.

Boda en Mallorca. Novia vestida de blanco entra en iglesia. Velo largo sobre escalinata de acceso.

As a wedding photographer, the first factor to consider is where the ceremony will take place. Will it be at a sunny villa? Close to the beach? Perhaps in the Serra de Tramuntana? Great! Mallorca´s light is magic everywhere, and I will use it in your favour.

Novios se abrazan en una tarde soleada tras ceremonia de boda al aire libre en Mallorca

Novio lleva en brazos a novia vestida de blanco. Pareja riendo.

Novios sonrientes se abrazan y besan en una tarde soleada tras boda en Mallorca

Perhaps you´ll get married at a church? Not a problem, my style will not change. It´ll still be spontaneous, fresh, touching, and not staged. But I will change my technique and gear, so as to take advantage of the light and shadows of the place of your ceremony.

Boda en Mallorca. Entrada de la novia en la iglesia con su padre.

Boda en Mallorca. Novia entra en Iglesia acompañada de su padre.

Novios en iglesia católica durante celebración de boda. Novia vestida de blanco. Velo largo. Cura. Invitados en pie.

Celebración de boda en iglesia. Novia sonriente coloca el anillo de matrimonio al novio.

Novios besándose en ceremonia de boda. Invitados emocionados. Mujer llorando. Aplausos.

Novios se besan tras celebración de boda en iglesia de Mallorca

One of my favourite moments in any wedding is when the couple leaves the aisle. Whether outdoors or at a church, when guests throw flower petals or rice, it always is a splendid, fun moment. I will be in the midst of the action, with you, but without standing in the way. This way, those photos will bring back that same smile you had when you experienced such a great moment!

Novios sonrientes recién casados abandonan la iglesia. Invitados lanzan arroz y pétalos. Tarde soleada en Mallorca.

Novios sonrientes se alejan de la zona de boda tras celebración en finca de Mallorca. Invitados aplauden.

[NOTE: All the photos on this website were taken and edited by Óscar Lagarrotxa, even those watermarked with the logo of Aimee K Team, the team of wedding photographers to which I belong]

Novios sonrientes en interior de coche blanco tras boda en Mallorca

Novia emocionada y novio sonriente durante ceremonia de boda al aire libre en Mallorca

A wee suggestion

When you´re looking for a photographer

It´s become common for photographers from countries such as Germany or the United Kingdom to offer themselves to work punctually in Mallorca. However, although many may have a lot of experience, will they know how to work with the light of the Mediterranean?

Shooting a wedding on a sunny day in Mallorca has little to do with doing so in a dark Northern European church. The difference in the quality of light poses challenges that the local photographer will probably address more confidently. By being familiar with local conditions, photographers working on the island use different techniques from those used by their foreign counterparts.

Just make sure, therefore, that the photographer you hire for your wedding has proven experience shooting in the sunny Mediterranean days.

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