Children in weddings


Children at your wedding: yes or no? Many times both bride and groom, or even guests, wonder about this issue. For me, the answer is a vigorous YES! Would you like to know why?

As a photographer, my style is rooted in trying to capture the emotions that flow spontaneously in certain moments. Laughter, tears of joy, tender glances, strong hugs. We are human, and when we are surrounded by those we love, sharing important moments with them, we get moved and we get rid of the mask we wear out of social convention. That is what I strive to capture. Spontaneity, emotion, and love. And when it comes down to spontaneity, children are true experts!

On many occasions, children are designated to carry out an important task on the wedding day: to deliver the rings or bring flowers to the bride and groom, for instance. Time and again, wedding after wedding, I´ve witnessed how children undertake this mission with great zeal and emotion. For them, this is a very important day as well!

Of course, children are children, and that is where the magic resides: they will appear just like they are, without a care in the world. I love this ice cream! I don´t care it´s dripping and ruining my outfit! A musician is playing the guitar! I ´m going to go and grab it! That man is taking photos! I want to do that too!

Niño comiendo helado de chocolate durante boda en Mallorca.

Naturally, so intense emotions will wear them out, and they´ll demand rest. But even then they will look great in photos!You

You may have noticed that besides weddings, I love to shoot family sessions. So if you´d like, you can check out some of my previous work portraying families. Thank you!


[NOTE: All the photos on this website were taken and edited by Óscar Lagarrotxa, even those watermarked with the logo of Aimee K Team, the team of wedding photographers to which I belong]