One of the great perks of being a wedding photographer in Mallorca is that I can shoot the most gorgeous villas of the island. Would you like to see some of them? Come with me!

Mallorca is a true paradise to celebrate your wedding. Aside from providing with spectacular landscapes and perfect climate, there is a great number of rustic villas completely refurbished and fitted for celebrating weddings. Since every time I shoot a wedding I end up with tons of photos of the site, I thought of sharing with you some in case you´d like to see how these villas look when they ´dress up´.

I forgot to mention… this publication, like the rest of the series, reflects only my personal taste. I´ll show you my favourite spots, what I enjoy the most photographing, in the hopes you like my photos and that they may help you decide if you still haven´t chosen your wedding place. But I would like to state I am in no way associated commercially to any villa or site management company. These are simple suggestions for you.

I am going to devote this first episode to Comassema. The villa is located in the heart of the valley of Orient, one of the most idyllic surroundings of the whole Serra de Tramuntana.

The clastra (interior patio) of the villa is a large cobblestone space, flanked by the majestic main building, with magnificent views of the valley. It is the perfect spot to welcome your guests, or even for hosting the wedding ceremony itself.

Comassema also has gardens and terraces with breathtaking views of the Serra de Tramuntana. The rustic and manorial character of the villa, with its large pool, ample spaces and care for all details, make shooting ceremonies there a true privilege.

The last photos of this series belong to a wedding I shot in the autumn. Although the day became cloudy in the end (or perhaps because of this), the colours of the photographs are astonishing. I hope you like them as much as I do!

Stay tuned for the rest of publications of this series about wedding suited villas in Mallorca. There are so many spectacular places to discover. Let´s continue!