The first dance is one of your special moments

And right after, everyone goes wild!

Cartel LOVE. Pareja de novios durante baile nupcial.

Invitadas de boda y novia en pie dando palmas. Alegría.

Mujer hace fotos con teléfono móvil en fiesta y hace el signo de la victoria.

As a photographer, the best way to capture everything that is going on is to simply join the party. So do not be shocked if you see a lad with a camera in one hand and a flash in the other while attempting to dance (rather badly; I must say) among your guests. Yep, that´s me trying to capture in first person mode the energy of the moment!

Hombres con traje y mujeres con vestido bailando en fiesta de boda. Blanco y Negro.

Discoteca. Mujer con vestido blanco baila bajos los focos mientras hombre la observa.

If you choose to have live music at your party, you can be sure your guests will really appreciate it. Live music always brings a special kind of energy.

Cantante de color con traje negro y gafas oscuras canta en fiesta de boda en Mallorca

Saxofonista tocando en fiesta. Luz espectacular. Discoteca. DJ

Percusionista con traje y gafas toca bongos al aire libre en boda en Mallorca. La Fortaleza

Of course a good DJ also knows how to get a party started. However I must confess I have a soft spot for live music.

Saxofonista toca frente a mujer bailando durante fiesta

Well, if you have read this far you must be wondering: Yes! I would love to shoot your wedding!. Shall we chat?

Mujer jóven sonríe mirando a la cámara con flores de margaritas. Fondo de estrellas.

[NOTE: All the photos on this website were taken and edited by Óscar Lagarrotxa, even those watermarked with the logo of Aimee K Team, the team of wedding photographers to which I belong.]

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