Your wedding day starts early

I will always arrive with plenty of time, way before the action starts, so as not to miss any details.

I love photographing the preparatory stages of your wedding. These are usually intimate moments, in which you will be in the company of your closest relatives or friends. I feel privileged that you share them with me too.

You´ll no doubt feel you´re in good company, but at the same time, you´re aware the ceremony is approaching so the excitement is more intense than ever. There will be very beautiful moments, and some also a bit tense. If you allow me, I will be there without bothering you, without making my presence too noticeable, so that you live the moment naturally.

It is also a good opportunity to photograph the bride’s dress, the groom’s attire, rings, bouquet, or any other accessory or special detail that you want to keep a memory of.

When the preparations are carried out with the help of a few friends, nervousness typically turns into  laughter and jokes. I will be sure to capture those good vibrations!

In the meetings prior to the ceremony, we´ll discuss whether you´ll want photos of the preparations or not, and also where those preparations will take place. In case there are several options, we´ll go over them and, if you want, I can assist you in choosing. Keep in mind that the preparations will be the only time of the day without your partner. It´s well worth to capture them, so when you look at the photos you may recall those moments and how you experienced them.

 [NOTE: All the photos on this website were taken and edited by Óscar Lagarrotxa, even those watermarked with the logo of Aimee K Team, the team of wedding photographers to which I belong.]

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