Even the most beautiful places in the world mean nothing by themselves

It is what happens in them that renders them unique

And if there’s a day when things happen, it’s your wedding day. That´s for sure! I will be among your friends and family as just another guest, but perhaps I will be a little more observant than the rest.

And that´s because my style as a photographer consists of telling with images whatever is unfolding in the most spontaneous way. Greetings and good wishes, jokes, hugs, laughter, all of those make up your story.

And I will not give directions to your guests to look at the camera or repeat a gesture.

If you choose to allow for speeches during the reception, rest assured they will be very touching moments, albeit a bit embarrassing for you. But they are so worth it!


Discursos de boda durante recepción. Amigo del novio da discurso y el novio se avergüenza. Risas. Ironía.

I love capturing your reactions and those of your guests during those moments.

Mujer rubia invitada de boda ríe y se tapa al cara durante discurso.

There is always, naturally, a group of people looking at the camera or posing in some original way. And, while this is not exactly documentary photography, it doesn´t really matter: if these are important photos for you, I´ll be delighted to take them.

[NOTE: All the photos on this website were taken and edited by Óscar Lagarrotxa, even those watermarked with the logo of Aimee K Team, the team of wedding photographers to which I belong.]

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