S’Horta d’Avall


Second post of the series dedicated to the villas for weddings in Mallorca. We will tour one of the most recent additions to the fincas (estates) offering in the island. Come in!!
S'Horta d'Avall. Zona de ceremonia. Decoración floral. Olivo. Cactus

S’Horta d’Avall is located in the area of the Majorcan east, near the coastal sites of Portocolom and Cala d’Or.

Camino de acceso principal a S'Horta d'Avall
Plantas decorativas junto a muro exterior.
S'Horta d'Avall. Fachada posterior y palmeras. Vista general.

The architecture of the main building is breathtaking. It combines seamlessly an imposing stately appearance -due to the height of its facades and the sheer number of rooms  one can only guess- with a cozy and intimate character. This is achieved thanks to the large number of entrances, courtyards and partially hidden corridors.

S'Horta d'Avall. Patio interior con plantas y vasijas
S'Horta d'Avall. Plantas decorativas junto a fachada interior.
S'Horta d'Avall. Corredor interior con plantas.

Thanks to @alexandra_cabrer_photoandvideo I was lucky to be one of the photographers of the first wedding celebrated at S’Horta d’Avall after it opened to the public. I could then appraise everything with fresh eyes and without any preconceived ideas. And the finca never stopped surprising me: exquisitely decorated patios in full harmony with the old traditional Majorcan style (the estate dates back to the 14th century), spaces connected by passageways and corridors, a celebration area presided by the spectacular cactus you see in the photos, and many more details.

Cactus. Chumbera
Finca rústica mallorquina. Detalle puerta principal
Patio interior.
Zona ceremosnia y olivo.

S’Horta d’Avall is an ideal villa for weddings for many reasons. As a photographer, I appreciate being able to move unnoticed around the whole area of the ceremony, without interfering or disturbing the bride and groom or the guests. Well, in S´Horta d´Avall that is very easy to accomplish, since the celebration space is flanked by two corridors partially concealed by columns and a half of them in the shade.

Zona ceremonia desde corredor lateral.
Dos ánforas.
S'Horta d'Avall. Zona ceremonia completamente lista.
Decoracion y vajilla en mesa nupcial.

I also enjoyed the work of the gardeners of the farm. The olive and fruit groves are beautiful and very Majorcan, but I must admit that cacti are my weakness!

Campos de la finca.
Cactus. Chumbera al sol.
S'Horta d'Avall. Olivo y decoración floral para ceremonia.
S'Horta d'Avall. Fachada con terraza y palmeras

Anyway, photographing weddings here is a real pleasure! Of course, there are plenty of spectacular sites to discover. So kindly stay tuned for the rest of this series of publications on estates for weddings in Mallorca.

[NOTE: All the photos on this post were taken and edited with love by Óscar Lagarrotxa for @alexandra_cabrer_photoandvideo, a fellow videographer and photographer with whom I frequently work. Go  and check her Instagram if you don’t know her yet!]