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Marta & Josep Mª


Your wedding is not only a celebration.

It is an experience which has its own life. And its memory is conveyed through the photographs.

From the preparations to the dance, from the ceremony to the reception, so many moments and emotions take place in your wedding that it seems amazing that everything happens on the same day. And every photographer has a style to capture all of it.

For instance, some photographers like to have total control over what happens, and give many directions; they ask guests to look at the camera, smile, or even repeat a gesture or moment that has just happened. As this photo illustrates, that is not my style.

Others like to set lighting rigs and need assistants to get a photograph more representative of a Hollywood set or a fashion magazine than a celebration between family and friends. Although the results can be quite spectacular, it’s not my style either. I always go for spontaneity.

Finally, other photographers, among which I am, try to capture all the energy, emotion and intensity of your wedding in the most natural, faithful, beautiful and discreet way possible.

Think of me as just another guest. For the most part, you will not even notice I´m there. But believe me when I say that, after you, I will be the one who´ll live your day most intensely. My job focuses on observing and capturing the moments that will tell your story.

Pareja de novios. Hombre con americana gris abraza a novia de blanco.

Your story

It is the only thing that truly matters

And I will not bother you. I´ll let you experience your moment fully and without interference, without interruptions, but genuinely capturing what happened so that my images can tell the story.

Of course we may, if this is your wish, take staged photographs with your guests and relatives. And we´ll also have a little session with you two in some scenario you like. But in general terms my photographing style is that of a documentary.

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